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Jennifer Brecheisen is a mother of 4 wonderful children, an artist, and a Christian. 

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"Liberty can only be protected by We The People."



I hold our Constitution as the highest law of the land, and I pledge to make decisions as a legislator based on our Constitution.


With CRT and SEL threatening the school districts in our state, we need strong leaders who will keep our schools from being indoctrination centers.

I will vote for or introduce legislation in the house to protect our children and the rights of the parents in our state.  Children and families benefit when parents have school choice.  It will create competition, which will raise the bar across the board for our entire state.

I would also introduce legislation barring physicians from administering hormones and puberty blockers, or perform trans affirming surgeries to minors. 


I believe that our rights come from our Creator, and are enumerated by the Bill of Rights.  It is a contract between God and the individual.  The only 2 parties that can end the contract are the individual and God, but not the government.  Therefore, any infringement on our rights is a breach the government does not have the authority to make.  I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd amendment, and I will work tirelessly to ensure this issue stays at the forefront until Constitutional Carry passes. 


The SC legislature just voted to increase our reliance on the federal government by 2%.  There were only 7 SC House Reps who voted no to that budget.  I pledge to vote no for any tax or budget increases.  I aim to reduce the tax burden on the hardworking citizens of Fairfield and Chester Counties and cut wasteful spending down in Columbia.


The Government has absolutely no business regulating an individual's pain management. We should all have the dignity to manage our chronic pain without having to grovel at the feet of a doctor who only sees us every few months. Individuals should be able to treat themselves without the use of addictive substances. As a person with lupus, RA, and sjogrens syndrome, I understand chronic pain, and I will fight for all South Carolinian adults to deal with their pain as they see fit. I believe home-grow would be the best solution to this problem.


Without adequate roads and utilities in place, Fairfield and Chester County cannot flourish. Our basic functions of government such as Ems, Fire, Animal control, and Police need to be funded before monuments and rec centers. We need to be able to attract new businesses and industry, which will create jobs, growth, and wealth.  In addition, rural areas need access to quality internet to be able to compete in our state. 

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